Specialized IB Tutoring Services Excel

Navigating the complexities of the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum can be challenging. That's why our specialized IB tutoring services at LP Learning Center - LernPunkt are tailored to help students excel. Our experienced tutors are well-versed in the IB syllabus, offering personalized guidance to students at every level, from Primary Years to the challenging Diploma Program. We emphasize not only understanding the curriculum but also fostering critical thinking, effective study strategies, and time management skills. With our dedicated support, students gain confidence, master difficult concepts, and approach exams with assurance, ensuring they are well-prepared to achieve their best in their IB journey.

We offer

  • Mathematics AA and AI (SL and HL)
  • Business Management (SL and HL)
  • Psychology (SL and HL)
  • Spanish (SL and HL)
  • French (SL and HL)
  • Physics (SL and HL)
  • English Language and Literature (SL and HL)
  • English Literature (SL and HL)
  • German Language and Literature (SL and HL)
  • German Literature (SL and HL)